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adp questions and answers

Please read the below given text for solving questions from 1 to 5
But man is not destined to vanish. He can be killed, but he cannot be destroyed, because his soul is deathless and his spirit is irrepressible. Therefore, though the situation seems dark in the context of the confrontation between the superpowers, the silver lining is provided by amazing phenomenon that the very nations which have spent incalculable resources and energy for the production of deadly weapons are desperately trying to find out how they might never be used. They threaten each other, intimidate each other and go to the brink, but before the total hour arrives they withdraw from the brink.
The main point from the author's view is that
  1. Man's soul and spirit can not be destroyed by superpowers.
  2. Human society will survive despite the serious threat of total annihilation
  3. Man's safety is assured by the delicate balance of power in terms of nuclear weapons
  4. Man's soul and spirit are immortal
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The phrase 'Go to the brink' in the passage means
  1. Retreating from extreme danger.
  2. Declare war on each other.
  3. Advancing to the stage of war but not engaging in it
  4. Negotiate for peace.
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Irrepressible' in the second line means
  1. incompatible
  2. strong
  3. oppressive
  4. unrestrainable
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A suitable title for the above passage is
  1. Destruction of mankind is in evitable.
  2. Man's desire to survive inhibits use of deadly weapons
  3. Threats and intimidation between super powers
  4. Cowardly retreat by man
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In the author's opinion
  1. Huge stockpiles of destructive weapons have so far saved mankind from a catastrophe.
  2. Superpowers have at last realized the need for abandoning the production of lethal weapons
  3. Mankind is heading towards complete destruction.
  4. Nations in possession of huge stockpiles of lethal weapons are trying hard to avoid actual conflict.
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