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android digipay placement

Can we create .apk file without eclipse?If yes how?
  1. 1. use javac to compile your java files
    2. use dx tool to convert all .class files to single dex file
    3. use aapt tool or apkbuilder tool to generate .apk file, which contains    manifest, .dex, and res.
       .apk is equivalent to .jar in java. 
       aapt tool and dx tools are in android-sdk/platform-tools.
    4. sign the apk file by using jarsigner tool of jdk/bin
    5. zipalign your signed apk by using zipalign tool of android-sdk/tools 
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Can we show multiple activity at a time? If no why? Also asked what is activity?
  1. In android activities are piled up on each other in a stack based architecture. System will display the activity which is on top of the activity stack, hence it is no possible to show 2 activities at a time.
    But there is an option called ActivityGroup, which can contain and run multiple embedded activities in a screen. One such kind of ActivityGroup is TabActivity.
    Note: TabActivity and ActivityGroup are deprecated, better to use Fragments to club multiple screens in a screen.
    Fragment is the new technique added in 3.0 onwards, which are basically used to club different screens(panes) in a single wider screen sizes like Tablets.
    Note: Don't use TabHost and TabActivity, as they are deprecated.
    In place of them use ActionBar and fragments. ActionBar is something like TabHost in old versions. ActionBar also contains tabs, on clicking which it will display different fragments.
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What is android? Where we can use android OS other than mobiles, tabs etc?
  1. Android is O.S and framework to develope applicatins for mobiles and tablets.
    Android is based on Linux O.S.
    Android can be used in tvs, automobiles, and wears like watches, glasses etc.
    Android is also used in kitchen utensils which is also called Google's smart kitchen.
    Android can also be used in robots, washing machines, etc.
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How to support text views for multiple screens?Suppose one mobile 3 inch another 7 inch?
  1. When we are using a textview there is a possibility that our app may be downloaded into various screen size devices.
    Based on the screen sizes we have to make sure our textview should grow and shrink, similarly the text size also should look compatible with the screen size. Below is the solution for this problem.
    various screen sizes have various folders for dimensions.
    res/values/dimens.xml will contain screen properties for normal screens.
    res/values-sw600dp/dimens.xml will contain screen properties for screen width category 600 dp.
    So try to declare different text sizes for different screen widths.
    This will work perfectly with all screen sizes.
    Note: Using sp or dp will not fix your issue.
    Note: If you are not specifiying sp or dp, then giving wrap content or match_parent would be the best suggestion to solve the problem
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What is min and max sdk version?
  1. Manifest file has an option to tell what is the minium sdk version , and maximum sdk version your app can be downloded.
    It simply says what all the various phone ranges your app supports or can be downloadable.
    There is one more option target sdk, which says I have compiled and cross checked with this version and I am targeting for this version.
    So that android system won't add any compatible library when your app is downloaded into a phone which is same as your target sdk version.
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