Microsoft officially introduced C# 1.0 language in the year 2002 . The current version is C# 5.0 . The C# language developed by microsoft with the team led by Anders Hejlsberg.


This tutorial is prepared for beginners and also for experienced professionals . Every topic start with very basic information and flows towards advanced concepts .


Any one who is having basic mathematical skill can understand the c# language . It is added advantage to have basic c/c++/Java languages knowledge .


For ease of explanation author assumed some assumptions, which were described in each topic under sub heading assumptions.

Explanation Mechanism:

Most of the explanation given for the topics is having supporting images or diagrams . The authors strongly feels that diagrams are the easiest way understanding any subject . This gives uniqueness to skillgun tutorials.


Lokanatha Palle written most of the articles present in this C# tutorial . Lokanatha having 10+ years of experience in designing and developing enterprise applications in .NET . He currently works for Palle Technologies as a senior .NET trainer and he is also responsible for developing Software products for educational industry .