Functions of object class:

--> Equals --> Clone --> Wait --> Notify --> Get class --> Notify all --> Hash code --> To string


used to compare two objects. funtion of object
Assignment: You should make the above as true. You should override equal function.


--> If you use this it will create one more copy of your object.

wait(), notify(), notifyall():

They are related to threads.

Get class:

--> It will return the class name of your object.

Hash code:

--> When you create an object for a class then unique identification number will be assigned to that object. That number is called hash code.

To string:

--> It will give string representation of your object.
       	    class Val
  	      int j=10;
	    class test
	      public static void main(String args[])
         	Val u=new Val();
       	        Val v=new Val();