=Assigns a value
==Compares two values
===Compares values present in two variables and also checks for the data types equality.
+Used for performing addition as well as string concatenation.
-Used for subtraction
*Used for Multiplication
/Used for division
%Modular division, returns reminder.
++Used for pre or post Incrementation
--Used for pre or post decrementation
&Bit wise and operator
|Bit wise or operator
>>Bit wise right shift operator
<<Bit wise left shift operator
!=Not equal to operator
>Greater than operator
<Lessthan operator
>=Greater than or equal to operator
<=Lessthan or equal to operator
&&Logical and operator
||Logical or operator
? and :Ternary opertaor

Ternary operator:

Used as a replacement for a single if and else.


var v=100;
var res= v > 100? true : false;
alert(res); //this will display false.