1. Table is a combination of rows and columns. 2. When "create database" command is sent to the database engine it will create 2 files with the extension .mdf and .ldf 3. All tables are stored in .mdf or primary data files. 4. Usually .mdf and .ldf files are located in this path C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\DATA


Create table <table name>
   Column name data type [(size)] constraint
Create table students
   Sid int,
   Name varchar(40),
   Class varchar(40),
   Dob datetime

Inserting data into the table:

Insert into students values ( 1,'rajeev','9th class', '10-4-1999')
Insert into students values (2, 'veena', '10th class', '11-5-1998')
Insert into students (sid, name, class, dob) values (1, 'rajeev', '9th class', '10-4-1999')
Note: a) When date is given in string format DB Engine will convert string to appropriate date format. b) By default date format is (MM-DD-YYYY) c) The order of the columns can be changed or if few columns contains null values or default data they can be eliminated. d) Almost 90% output in SQL will be in table format and is called as result set.